This site was developed to amalgamate multiple weather data sources for European Pilots. The site is lightweight and design is focussed on useability whilst on aircraft WiFi or slow international roaming. AeroWX brings together a number of sources to help improve decision making while reducing the time spent searching for the right chart.

The site (with some exceptions) gathers information directly from the weather source and simply tells your web-browser where to locate the information. This means no data is stored by our servers, reducing the risk of out of date data.

We don't provide any data, nor do we monitor the data on the site: this means there is a risk that the data is invalid, incomplete, incorrect or out of date. Refer to the disclaimer below.

Sources of information:

  • USA NOAA National WX Service: Multiple charts & METAR/TAF
  • Blitzortung: Lightning Strikes
  • RainViewer: Rainfall Radar
  • NAV Canada: Multiple charts
  • USA 1800WXBrief: Multiple charts
  • WSI: Animated Rainfall Radar
  • Disclaimer

    This website is not a weather provider, nor is it an official source of weather information.

    No data on this website is checked for validity, completeness or accuracy. By using this website you acknowledge there is a risk that the data used is incorrect, incomplete, invalid or out of date.

    The data on this website should not be used to subsitute a company, legal or required weather briefing.

    By using this website you agree that the developers are not liable for any loss, damages or injuries sustained by its use.